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Research Paper April 22, 2009

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I’m posting the research Marie and I did, as promised. We have four set questions that we have researched and answered to eventually build up to our main question: The polar bear my go extinct because the flows it rests on are all melting. What could you design to replace it?

Here is the research:

1.       How far and long can a polar bear swim?

Polar bears can swim up to 9.66km per hour. No one knows for sure how long polar bears can swim but it is a long way. Most scientists have a rough estimate that polar bears can swim up to 100km without resting. Lately they have been swimming hundreds of miles to find new ice. Polar bears swim by paddling their feet and use their hind legs as rudders. They can also swim under water for up to two minutes.

Fun facts:

Polar bears can spot/smell food from 4m away.

When polar bears swim they keep their eyes open, nostrils shut and their ears flattened to their heads.

Polar bears can spot/smell food from 4m away

2.       What happens to the polar bears if all the ice melts?

 Polar bears will drown and starve because they don’t have anywhere to rest. They need the sea to hunt and the ice to rest.

3.       How many polar bears have already died because of climate change?

Around 8 to 10 polar bears have died per year. On May 14, 2008 the United States Department of the Interior listed the polar bear as a threatened species.

4.       Has anything been done?

Worldwide campaigns have been helping to save the polar bears.

Hopefully you learned something from our research!

~ Serena ~


2 Responses to “Research Paper”

  1. These are great research questions and they were answered well.
    Some people are probably thinking:
    “Who cares if polar bears go extinct! We have other animals in the world.”
    BUT THIS IS NOT RIGHT! If polar bears go extinct, then we are losing an ENTIRE species! In addition, if polar bears go extinct, the animals that feed off them, or the animals that they prey on will have a completely different lifestyle and we will end up losing many different species (not just polar bears).
    Also, the melting of the ice caps is not only effecting polar bears, but is effecting many other animals, as well, such as seals, and fish, and sharks, etc.
    Saving the polar bears will save most of the animals in Antarctica. So it is important that we care for them.

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