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Our Project- Polar Bears March 30, 2009

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First of all, welcome to our blog, We are Serena, and  Marie, and we have a project assigned to us about climate change. We had a couple of different choices for our project, we are answering the following question as our topic: The polar bears may go extinct because the ice flows it rests on, are all melting. What could you design that would replace the ice?

And we have planned it all out- we are going to research effective ways on our question, answer it, build a model, make a video, and of course keep updated posts to describe what we have been doing.

We will be keeping track of our research on our blog.


-Serena and Marie

Polar Bear


2 Responses to “Our Project- Polar Bears”

  1. fallon Says:

    i think u guys r right when i saw that pic i almost cryed im a polor bear lover and im going study on that!!
    -fallon p.s.thanks

    • szalkowitz Says:


      Thank you so much for your comment!
      You can help to make the difference to save these precious animals.


      p.s. keep checking back for our video and more news 😉

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